SPECK - Air Quality Test

Running a test last Friday, we created a 12x12 grid of air quality monitors.  This enabled us to see how the monitors compared to one another given the same input.  Seeing how differently each monitor reacts will help us create a calibration so that they react more consistently to one another.  The other thing the test accomplished was that it provided data for us to use to create some sort of visualization.  This visualization will create an individual graph to illustrate what one air quality monitor has been exposed to.  Also, the visualization will assist us in creating a collective result so that air quality can be monitored and recognized in different regions of the city, and hopefully world.  

With the 12x12 grid in place, we performed a common household activity, we vacuumed.  We started vacuuming along one edge of the 12x12 grid and got a very nice, or terrible if you are concerned about air quality, spike in the particles in the air.  We could see the spike, and then the slow decline as the dust settled, across all of the Speck air quality monitors.  This data is a great way to tell the story of how the air quality impact some of our daily activities make as well as providing some very nice data for our visualization experts to start digesting and creating.
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