Selected for the Gigapixel Science Juried Exhibition

LARGE scale prints (4 feet high and up to 17 feet wide) of these images will be unveiled on November 11 at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, in conjunction with the opening of the Fine International Conference on Gigapixel Imaging for Science.

The prints will be on display to the public at the museum through the end of the year.

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Eagle's Nest petroglyph, Jubbah, northern Saudi Arabia 
by Richard T. Bryant 


Galapagos Bait Ball of Salema 
by Jason Buchheim 


The Big Four 
by Andrew R. Deans and Matthew A. Bertone 


Unhealthy Honey Bee Frame
by Dennis vanEngelsdorp and Michael Andree 


Bergamot and Hummingbirds, Vermont 
by Chris Fastie 


by Molly Gibson 


Penguins at Cape Crozier 
by Stephanie Jenouvrier 


From Sierra de en Medio 
by Rurik List