Gigapan Trainer Certification

In order to be certified as a Gigapan Trainer we require:

Volunteer to teach 2 classes a year - (contact for more details on teaching a class) 

Mastery of the following concepts

All core concepts

  • Basic camera menus and settings
  • Exposure concepts: ISO, white Balance, aperture and shutter
  • Setting up the Gigapan - batteries, level, parallax, Gigapan setup
  • Shooting a panorama: framing, pausing and rewinding, 360, repeat last
  • Stitch: loading images on computer, recommended file organization system, settings, cleaning-up/troubleshooting extra images, upload settings, export image, using upload software
  • Website: browsing, annotations, comments, account settings and options

3 required advanced concepts

  • Use "Last Panorama" to manually add images into a recent scene photographed + correctly replacing images in Stitch
  • Night/low light Gigapanning
  • Embedding

2 elective advanced concept

  • Photoshop techniques
  • Preparing an image for large scale printing
  • Macro
  • Education website
  • Placement in Google Earth
  • 3D / anaglyph
  • Tour Feature
  • Abstract - Gigapan in motion, Stitcher as quilting tool
  • Invent a new way to using/manipulating the Gigapan
  • Gigapan Magazine piece / reportage / storytelling
  • Camera testing
  • Timelapse gigapan
  • Handheld gigapanning 

Hands on experience - on

15 well executed Gigapan images uploaded to the site - demonstrating above concepts
15 snapshots on other users Panoramas
10 comments - participating in or initiating a conversation