Next round of InfyMakers open to young makers

UPDATE: Finalizing your ‪#‎InfyMakers‬ entry? Infosys has set up two Q&A Webinars this week to answer all your questions: (WED 1/27 4pm PST) (FRI 1/29 6pm PST)

If you prefer, there is a teleconference or voice only version for both dates: 

Call-in number: 1-617-9365607  (US)

US Toll Free: 1844 445 2700

Attendee access code: 587 538 6919 


The deadline for the second round of Infy Makers Award is February 1 and this round, youth and children can enter as well.

25 young Makers (under 18) will win $1,000 each. In addition, each young winner can also nominate a school, library or community organization to receive a grant worth $10,000 to establish a Makerspace. The award nomination form for young Makers can be found at the Infy Makers website. As in the last round, 10 adults will win $10,000 each as well.

To enter, submit a short video about an existing project and fill out the entry form.

Please carefully read and follow entry requirements.

The judges will be looking for projects that provide solutions to real world problems and are innovative uses of technology. They will also be looking at originality of ideas and quality of presentations.

The Infy Makers Awards is a Maker Awards program from Infosys Foundation USA to support Makers in the United States. The winners of the 2015 fall cycle round can be found here.

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