Join the annual Showcase of Innovation & Creativity

The Children's Innovation Project will be holding their annual Showcase of Innovation and Creativity. Join them for this showcase where children will share learning from the year, including thinking about circuits, noticing and wondering about electronic toys and overall persistence as innovators in the world.

Other learning will also be shared including children's expression through music, visual art, writing, mathematics, scientific inquiry and community-based projects.

Children’s Innovation Project embraces innovation as finding something new inside something known. This frame for innovation allows a slow space for children to find small, authentic discoveries and reflect on themselves in relation to the materials they explore.


Pittsburgh Allegheny K-5

810 Arch Street

Pittsburgh, 1212


Wednesday May 18


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Such innovative ideas should be implemented for children studies and I guess that is how you can bring out creative ideas in to the table from children.
Cant wait to join and meet different people with the same interest!
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I'll be coming to this event, see you there!
Thanks for posting this, can't wait to this event. See you there!
I wish my kids can join the next time you'll have this activity. They will really enjoy this. John | click here
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