BirdBrain Technologies Launches Hummingbird Duo Kickstarter

Our friends at BirdBrain Technologies have just launched a new KickStarter campaign to support production of the second generation of Hummingbird kits: the Duo! 

Building upon the Parents' Choice Gold Award-winning version one Hummingbird controller that operated as a tethered I/O board, the Hummingbird Duo is essentially two boards in one. It operates as either an original Hummingbird controller or as an Arduino Leonardo with an integrated motor/servo shield and improved connectors. The version one Hummingbird can be thought of as a "pre-Arduino," because using it helps build skills and confidence that make it easier to use Arduino. With the Hummingbird Duo, the Arduino is built right into the controller so that anyone who wants to can immediately take that next step! 

Please check out the KickStarter page for more information, and consider supporting BirdBrain Technologies and Duo if you can.