Arts & Bots in the News

We're so excited to share this Arts & Bots story, featured yesterday on WESA, Pittsburgh's NPR News Station! 

Sue Mellon, gifted teacher at Springdale Junior & Senior High School and longtime friend of the CREATE Lab, describes her classroom's use of Hummingbird kits in the English curriculum. Mellon uses Arts & Bots as a way for her students to explore themes of poetry that might otherwise feel intimidating or uninteresting. “Repetition in poetry increases comprehension of the poem, so by building you get this natural repetition," says Sue. "They’ll have recorded the poem so it’ll run while their robotic actions highlight what’s going on in the poem. That’s another form of repetition. They have to keep referring back to it to make it come alive.”

Check out the full story here, and watch the video below for a demonstration from one of Sue's students.