time lapse gigapan of downtown Pittsburgh yesterday

This is first followup on the time lapse photography done yesterday.

Randy and others (Anne, Josh, and Dror) were shooting from about 6am to midnight yesterday. Randy said that over 60,000 photographs (at 18 megapixels each) were captured; one every four seconds, on each of four cameras, clicking in unison. The cameras captured sunrise, morning commute, midday traffic, the coming & going of clouds over the city, coal barges going up & down the river, evening commute, sunset, moonrise, drivers & ferry boats streaming toward Heinz Field, and the Steelers game!

It will be days until all of these images are stitched into a zoomable video, but in the meantime, here are some snapshots.

photo album: https://picasaweb.google.com/111415749895648787719/TimeLapseGigapanFromMtWash...


Josh & Randy


Four Canon T2i's running off a car battery, each camera had a 128 GB memory card.

Randy, 7pm