My Gigapan Experience


My class and I tried out Gigapan and it was a great experience. Working with the camera was fascinating and I personally enjoyed exploring how a Gigapan imager works. I amproud of my students work in taking the picture, which came out very well. It is nice to see how enthusiastic the students are about interacting with others through The Painting on the Wall project.  Gigapan offers an exciting opportunity for students to interact with each other as part of a global community.

Alejandra Lorenzo-Chang

International Program Coordinator

Waldorf School of Baltimore

UNESCO Associated School

Maryland Green School

410-367-6808 ext. 367

"When we went through our city to look for meaningful street art, it really changed the way I looked at Baltimore City. I think it was a wonderful idea, and it enables us to see interesting parts of other peoples home cities"  (Sam)

"I liked working with the gigapan taking pictures of graffiti"